This is not a real blog but a fictitious account of a guy who finds himself following the "Imagine" ARG which predominately focuses on the cultural imperialism and take-over of Australian Sports by American faceless-giant AGA.

15th April 2012

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Journal #64

I found this flyer online for this Hockey Group. I don’t know. I think i might give it a try. I mean, as a kid I played a bit of AusKick and had a good stint at soccer in school…

But i mean, when you can’t beat them you join them don’t you? So this is a call for all of those people who are interested in getting into some of these new sports. The sports that seem to be the ones that matter these days.

AFL is dead. NRL is just a training ground for the new AGA’s Gridiron league and my Billy Slater has gone off to get a second knee-reco. It’s depressing but at the same it’s like the calm after nuclear winter or something like that. 

I don’t know. I’m a little drink so what do you expect from a guy who’s pouring his heart out to you while he pours beer down his throat. USA isn’t so bad anyway, and they sure know how to put on a show. Between the World Wrestling Entertainment-AU and I heard that NASCAR are doing a circuit around Adelaide, who knows. There’s certainly a lot more opportunity out there for guys like me to get into new sports. 

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15th April 2012


Journal #59

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15th April 2012


Journal Entry #58

Well, same train, different poster. Saw this one for the Summer season. AGA are putting a World Series Baseball game on at the 3 major sporting grounds on the Eastern Coast as a trial. I’ll have to find the poster. They’re starting to pop up everywhere now so when I get a chance I’ll post it on here.

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15th April 2012

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Journal Entry #39

Here’s Billy in the Australian International Jersey. Have to admit, he looks good in that gridiron kit. 

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15th April 2012


Journal Entry #33

I was thinking about this, and you might have to bear with me because I’m a little drink, but basically speaking i wanted to go on about this whole AGA thing. We were so caught up with fighting ourselves – this whole thing with the AFL and the NRL thing, and yet now it seems like they’re going to collapse because some corporate with more money from another country can come in and try and make more money for themselves.

And then in the long run, what does it do? AFL and NRL will always be remembered, but like – my kids, man. That’s all I can think about. One day, when I have kids, I don’t just want to tell them about Billy Slater NRL and Gridiron player. I mean, Billy was record breaking, and now he’s just going to be a part of something supposedly bigger.

Why is bigger better? Why is this whole thing with making more money so much better? I mean, they say that the players can now play for both codes, just like they do in the cricket over in India. But Cricket and contact sport are completely different.

And I keep hearing about this national pride stuff. About how Australia can now have national pride in sports that are internationally recognised. But who says that they are internationally recognised? I mean, before this whole thing started, there was that argument about the NRL being labelled “national” (I read this in an article at and with the AFL always going on about being a national sport, but feeding off of the NRL, it just seemed petty.

But now, with this expansion of the AGA and putting players from different codes into things like Gridiron, and their expression of interest into transferring the MCG into an ice-skating rink… it just seems like someone dropped the ball (sorry about the pun – told you I was a little drunk).

But getting back to my point. With the AGA having more money and experience with expansion behind it, and the damage the Australian codes had already done to one another – really in hindsight it was a matter of time. Wasn’t it?

I just keep thinking of my kids, you know? Just keep thinking what they’re going to grow up with – it’s going to be so different than anything else any of our past generations have dealt with.

It’s changed, and I don’t really think it’s for the better.

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15th April 2012


Journal Entry #23

I thought I’d just copy and paste this into here. It’s from the newspaper The Postal. I was reading it today on the ride home:

"NRL CEO David Gallop walked out a happy man today after a deal was struck with the American Game Association’s CEO Harold Ester to allow some currently contracted NRL players to play both codes as the Gridiron Season kicks off in October. Gallop was quick to agree that the AGA had the potential to give more over to the expansion of the NRL, saying that “(The) AGA are not only integral to the growth of the National Rugby League but also start a new chapter in bringing our national game over to the states.”

Gallop later went on to state how the American market can inject a lot of money into the system and help build a stronger foundation at a grass-roots level. “We’re finding it hard at the moment, especially with the AFL’s expansion and coercion of some of our former stars, that the foundation of the NRL is weakened. But with this deal and Harold’s help I can see things being strengthened.”

When asked whether he believes that this may be more detrimental to the sport and the Australian sporting culture as a whole, Gallop refused to be drawn into the argument, simply stating that “money speaks for itself.” 

It goes on to say more stuff but that was the basic gist of it. They don’t mention anything about players, but maybe it won’t be so bad. At least if Billy can play with the Storm it shouldn’t matter what he does in the off-season, right? I mean, essentially the sports are the same so it’s not like he’s going to out of match practice. 

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15th April 2012


Journal Entry #19

Just this. Not liking it.

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14th April 2012


Journal Entry #18

I finally saw it and got to take a picture of it – I don’t know if it was the same train as I was on last time but the new Sieman’s trains are all buggered again so the Hitatchi trains are running the system. So I got as close as I could get to the picture and took a shot with my phone. This one had some flyers or some shit attached to it, but by the time I saw it and took a shot I had to get off the train.

I still haven’t been able to find a hard copy of it around the net, though. I only care because this whole AGA thing isn’t going away. Oh, and I finally found out what it stands for now. The American GAME Association – how lame, right? Anyway, the AGA are getting together and trying to bring some of their stars down here and bringing their game into the Australian market.

Well, I can tell you one thing. IT WONT WORK SO PISS OFF

Peace Out. 

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13th April 2012


Journal Entry #17

What the fuck! This thing’s getting out of hand. I heard rumours that Cooper Cronk, Melbourne Storm’s half-back was going to leave us. Now there’s something about Billy leaving us too. Let’s just hope that it’s all internet beat up.

Then again, they were right about the AFL poaching Isreal Falou and Karmichael Hunt.

I’m blabbering on here so I probably should explain a little better. There’s something going on with an American franchise that’s trying to start up. Something about AGA – Australian Gridiron Association it must be… note sure what the G stands for but it’s gotta be that. It’s probably nothing. I fucking hope it’s nothing. If the Storm loose anyone of the calibre of Billy Slater, well I don’t know what’s going to happen.

13th April 2012

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Journal Entry #15 

I saw a strange picture on the train today. I was on one of those old fashioned trains with the windows that can be opened. As I stood there with my head half-out looking into the City Loop Tunnel, i ducked my head to miss a signal (oops) and that’s when I saw this strange advertisement. It was something for the MCG but the place was snowed under and there was an Ice Hockey…er … field? In the middle of the ‘G.

Pity my phone’s battery was dead or I would have taken a picture of it. I’ve been looking around on the internet for a picture of it but can’t find anything at all about it.

Maybe it was one of those weird artsy-things that Connex were doing where people were putting those Japanese poems and stuff up. Who knows. If I see it again I’ll take a picture.

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13th April 2012


Journal Entry #11

It’s weird – there’s all this American Threat stuff bouncing around on the Internet. I’ve heard some of the commentators go on about the grassroots growth of games like Ice Hockey and Gridiron. I’ve never understood the need for big burley guys to run around in gear when we’ve got all the physical contact we need in our sports.

Think about this: American sports have so much more stoppages, and therefore have so much more advertisement in their sports.

There’s a heap more money to be made in American Sports as well, but it’s all over in the States and not here. That’s why you hear about our NBA imports and stuff. Guys that are earning millions per game and stuff.

But we’re Australian – and here we’re baked harder than camp damper. We love our sport and more importantly, we don’t need no shitty uniform gear to get by in a game.  Hell, just check out how Richmond did it back in the 70s. This guy should be prime minister


13th April 2012


Journal Entry #7

The AFL and the NRL are still fighting over the Sydney market, meanwhile there’s plenty of area below Victoria – you know, those “freaks down in Tassie” that are just asking for a team to support.

Maybe Ricky Ponting could end up coaching a new team of some description? Haha – that’d be funny.

Peace and Good Times

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13th April 2012


Journal Entry #6

Another day, another great game from the Storm boys. This is really the lucky country. Billy Scored the most tries by a Full Back in the history of the NRL, and yet he’s got another few thousand million games to play to make that a record never to be broken.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s sweet to be a Victorian. 

Billy Slater Scores!

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13th April 2012


Journal Entry #4

Just a quick note – heard something on the radio about this potential “American Threat”. David Gallop, the NRL boss keeps going on about the AFL as a threat to the code ( which I think is kinda silly.

Can’t we all just get along and enjoy sport for what it’s worth?


13th April 2012


Journal Entry #1

I saw these blog things and thought I’d start my own. Basically speaking my name is Jack Harrow and I’m a big NRL fan for my beloved Melbourne Storm. My favourite player is Billy Slater but really it’s like dipping your hand into the best packet of chips you’ve ever tasted – the whole bag is worth every bite.

But seriously speaking, being a Victorian and more importantly an Australian, I feel it’s something that’s ingrained within my culture to absorb sport – you know?

Anyway, that’s all you really need to know from me. I love storm – here’s a picture of me at a game recently. We beat the Sydney Roosters 30-8 and the sun was shining and the Storm Active Supporters ( were in full force today. Basically speaking, life as a Victorian could not get any sweeter on this day.

Peace Out Y’all